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We are an organization committed to bringing professional training and lifelong learning opportunities for people.


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Our identity as an organization grew out of  the passion to bring relevant, workplace skills,  certifications, and opportunities to young people so they can create meaningful careers and solutions that drive growth and cause phenomenal impact.

The Problem

Africa is plagued with gross unemployment, which largely affects its youth. According to Statista, South Africa records the highest unemployment rate in Africa in 2023, with around 30% of its workforce unemployed.

Djibouti and Eswatini followed, with unemployment at around 28% and 25%, respectively. According to the NBS report for 2020, over 13.9 million people aged between 15 and 34 years are unemployed in Nigeria.

Graduates and postgraduates combined make up about 2.9 million of the total unemployed Nigerians.

Our Solution

We design meaningful learning experiences and connect young people with global opportunities that can help them thrive and kickstart their careers.

We create professional training and hands-on projects through mentorship and connect participants to organizations for internship placements.

Our Team

Meet With Our Team

CEO & Founder
Martins Iyekekpolor
CEO & Founder
PraiseGod Omoregie
Assistant Director
Esohe Okuomose
Assistant Director
State Lead
Favour Osemwegie
State Lead, PH
Community Manager
Miracle Edorisiagbon
Community Manager
Digital Markerter
Stephanie Donwa
Digital Marketer